So You Think You Can Dance...nerd style?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

They Don't Care About Us

YouTube Description - "Michael Jackson's long time choreographer Travis Payne & MJ dancers performed with the Dancing Inmates on January 19, 2010."

Can't Stop Won't Stop Workshop
Pacman performs at a workshop he held.

Oona Kivelä
She was the winner of Pole Art 2009.

Battle Of The Pole 2010
Miia Rytkönen was the first runner up at this event.

One Leg Stripper
Hopefully nobody makes it rain...she might rust.

India Beat
I enjoyed this group routine.

Heavenly Dance
YouTube Description - "On our class retreat, Father Mike was listening & dancing to some odd music."

Monday, January 18, 2010

Faces Of Boogiezone

This is a cool commercial, and I saw a number of dancers I really like. For example I saw Moon, Hok & Victor Kim.

US Pole Dance Championship 2010
If only I could afford the trip I'd be there in a heartbeat. My back hurts just watching some of these incredible moves.

Practice On 18ft Poles
Alethea Austin is thankfully good at what she does, because a fall from one of those would do some serious damage.

Fields Of Gold
The video description didn't give any details about the dancer or choreo, but it's a nice routine.

Popping & Robot Freestyle
The Russian Tiger seems to be 100% recovered from that bad knee injury he had.

Neko Nyan Dance
I couldn't make much since from the video description, but my best guess is that Bekah is recreating THIS routine.

Flag Football Dance
These Boston guys decided to dance for Ellen Degeneres.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

USPDF Nationals 2009

Highlights from the United States Pole Dance Federation Nationals. Not only are they hot, but insane athletes.

American Beauty
I thought this was a wonderful lyrical routine choreographed by Brittany Bush.

New Year Flash Mob
Somehow I missed this, but better late then never.

Nobody But You
It's so cool that 10 years from now this kid will be able to show his boyfriend the exact moment his parents discovered he was gay.

I thought this was a fun routine.

Tik Tok Dances
There have been a ton of people (young girls mostly) dancing to this on YouTube recently. So I figured I should post a couple. The second video is interesting because the girls actually threw in some ballet with the hip hop.

Whats New Pussycat!
I didn't think anything could be worse then Musicorey's singing, but his dancing is definately worse.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Bravo Bravo Collab

Sasha Young AKA kyaaakya recently did a collab with YouTubers michigopyon & bekluvsdiru. I already posted Sasha's solo version of this Buono dance, but I'm including the solo performance of the others below the collab.

1. michigopyon
2. bekluvsdiru

Old Salsa
It's an older video, but that's not why I titled it "Old Salsa".

Mom Raver
I actually hope she doesn't have kids, because you know they'll be teased for a long time.

Fat Insane Dance
Yeah it's strange, but you have to admit he's got star quality.

Apple Store Dance
i-Justine can't dance, but that doesn't stop her from making a fool of herself on a fairly regular basis.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Simply Beautiful

This routine is choreographed & performed by Phillip "Pacman" Chbeeb & Arielle Coker.

Glee FlashMob
One of these days I'm going to try watching that has so much hype & I haven't even watched a clip on YouTube or anything.

PhD n Dumbo
Dumbo from Poreotics has a good looking set of backup dancers in this video.

Aqueous Transmission
Mike Song & Anthony Lee bust a move in this video.

Last Pole Dance
Mute this video, because the music sucks. That aside Leigh Ann does a wonderful job with her last dance from the original BeSpun.

DaveyDanceBlog - 71
Go tell this guy he should let Spintown interview him.

Ice Ice Baby
Jaime Renee from TMA saw this guy doing a pretty good drunken Vanilla Ice tribute. I still remember when that song was popular...I listened to that & "Can't Touch This" constantly for at least a month.