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Monday, January 18, 2010

Faces Of Boogiezone

This is a cool commercial, and I saw a number of dancers I really like. For example I saw Moon, Hok & Victor Kim.

US Pole Dance Championship 2010
If only I could afford the trip I'd be there in a heartbeat. My back hurts just watching some of these incredible moves.

Practice On 18ft Poles
Alethea Austin is thankfully good at what she does, because a fall from one of those would do some serious damage.

Fields Of Gold
The video description didn't give any details about the dancer or choreo, but it's a nice routine.

Popping & Robot Freestyle
The Russian Tiger seems to be 100% recovered from that bad knee injury he had.

Neko Nyan Dance
I couldn't make much since from the video description, but my best guess is that Bekah is recreating THIS routine.

Flag Football Dance
These Boston guys decided to dance for Ellen Degeneres.

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