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Monday, March 8, 2010

Box Of Chocolate

This jazz routine was choreographed by Ted Jackson, Robin Dawn Ryan & Amy Valerius.

Allie Droste
Enjoy this lyrical solo.

Mirror Mirror
Large group routine featuring: Alyssa Baxter, Simone Cameresi, Lauren Carter, Mykenzie Clements, Cheyenne Courvoisier, Kyli Davis, Brittnie Erisch, Alana Figurski, Sienna Gough, Brianna Haire, Samantha Hurst, Keri Leigh, Whitney Linton, Ariana McClure, Taylor Nelson, Amanda Perez, Justin Pham, Christina Ricucci & Christine Rogers.

A great small group routine.

Troy Herring
I thought this was a pretty cool lyrical solo.

This lyrical solo was choreographed by Camille Billelo, and performed by Kate Aberger.

Madison Galier performing a jazz solo.

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