So You Think You Can Dance...nerd style?

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Where The Hell Is Matt In South Africa?

I like Matt's old dance better, but this is still pretty cool.

Boogiezone Solo
Besides having some cool shoes, Elm Pizarro has some great moves.

Boogiezone Solo 2
Nika Kljun strutting her stuff for our enjoyment.

Boogiezone Solo 3
BZ is becoming one of my favorite channels on YouTube...this is Jazmyne Jenkins.

Jon Chu At TED
I can't wait to see more of Jon's work.

Coach Does Happy Dance
"Buzz Williams busts out the dance moves after a high flying finish by Darius Johnson-Odom." - YouTube video description

Stanky Leg
I hate this dance...and the name of the dance...but...apparently it does have some good points...

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