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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Drunk Dancer

Spintown News:
I couldn't find an embed code for this very drunk dancer, so you'll have to click THIS link when you're done here.

Kathryn McCormick & Ellenore Scott (duet)
You can watch the Boogie Zone interview HERE.

Karol Helms
This is from the 1st Annual Pole Convention.

Rino Nakasone (solo)

Pauline Mata & Seth Zibalese (duet)

Angel Villalobos (solo)

Shakin Hands
The audio from Leigh Ann's video was removed. But since it was a Nickelback song, it just improved the quality of the video.

Long Johns & Overalls
If this girl was wearing long johns & overalls this would still be hot.

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