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Friday, September 17, 2010

H-Town Swagger

A wonderful video choreographed/directed/danced by: Phillip Chbeeb & Di (Moon) Zhang.

Yoshi Wright (Duet)

Dance Science 101
"Movement plays an important role in animal courtship, with males typically performing elaborate courtship dances to display their health and skill, and thus attract females. Here, using advanced computer-generated avatars, we show that the size and variability of movements of the trunk, head and neck, and the speed of the right knee are strongly associated with female perceptions of the quality of male dancing. This avatar is demonstrating 'bad dancing'.

This research was published in the Royal Society journal 'Biology Letters', in the paper 'Male dance moves that catch a woman's eye', by Nick Neave, Kristofor McCarty, Jeanette Freynik, Nicholas Caplan, Johannes Honekopp, and Bernhard Fink. The doi link for the article is" - YouTube video description

This avatar is demonstrating 'good dancing'.

Mollee Gray (Solo)

DaveyDanceBlog 86 (Teotihuacan)
This time the featured song is "Sun Of A Gun" by Oh Land.

Steve Armendi & Jeff Laconico (Duet)

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