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Monday, October 4, 2010

Walk It Out

This is mildly entertaining, but I keep thinking she's gonna pop any second.
"Midwife told us in order to induce labor we should try walking the baby out...

Her due date was Sept.13th. This was at 41 weeks on the 18th and 2 days later, she is giving birth to a 9lb 10oz baby girl named Shenandoah Grace. My wife went to work up until the night she went into labor because she had to for our family. She is truly my hero and I'm more impressed with her everyday. - YouTube video description"

Mile High Saftey Dance
Well technically they aren't off the ground yet...

The Death Car
Pacman uploaded another cool dance video.

Ade Obayomi (Solo)

DaveyDanceBlog - 90 (Ferry Building, San Francisco)
The featured song is "Fake Tales Of San Francisco" by The Arctic Monkeys.

5 Minutes Of Poledancing
Why are you even reading this?

Missing You
Today's blog was brought to you be Conan...

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