So You Think You Can Dance...nerd style?

Monday, November 15, 2010

Canvas Dancer

Today's dance video is a little different, but I think you'll enjoy it. Val is doing a dance collab, and I'll include info about that below the video.

"This is my little tribute to struggling dancers. Be on YouTube's collective dance vid. send me a some clip of you dancing. Must be under 1min long and the higher quality the better :) email it to valsartdiary AT mac DOT com If you are under 18 make sure to ask your parents for permission. MAKE SURE TO ADD as the email tittle dance- and to add a small texting stating that you give me permission to use this footage in my video and in a short film. thanks!! This video will be broadcast here in my channel and also on my facebook in a virtual event ALSO this footage maybe b used in a short film." - Val's YouTube Video Description

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